All the laboratories have a capacity to accommodate 40 students at a time. The laboratories are spacious, airy and well lighted - in accordance with the best that can be provided at the corresponding levels.

Theory is incomplete without practical. One needs to completely get involved in the various practical experiments whether it be Chemistry, Biology or Physics, to get a thorough knowledge and understanding of what had been taught in the theory class.

The School aims to ensure that every student strengthens his / her knowledge of theory with lively practical which will be remembered for ever.

Physics Lab

In Physics class, lab is central. Integral. Sacred. More than a mere place in the back of the classroom, the laboratory is the place where physics students do physics. It is in the laboratory that physics students learn to practice the activities of scientists - asking questions, performing procedures, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new questions to explore. Models and flowcharts allow students for innovative methods of teaching of scientific concepts.


Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab is a place of discovery and learning. Development of practical skill in chemistry not only leads to learning of scientific concepts but is also instrumental in developing scientific attitudes besides reinforcement of learning. The lab is quite spacious and is well equipped with modern techniques and sophisticated instruments like Digital balance for weighing, centrifuge machine for salt analysis. It is equipped with sufficient number of analytical balance required for practical.


Biology Lab

A Laboratory is a workshop for biologist, where truth of the ideas is tested. Biology is an open ended subject whose study is never complete unless the theories taught in the class are put to test in the laboratory by doing experiments. Every experiment is an act of studying a number of conditions called observations followed by co-relating the various parameters commonly called results.


Computer Lab

Students, faculty and staff have access to the computer labs, which provide the tools and technologies to produce websites, edit papers, complete class assignments, communicate via email, conduct data analyses and access library resources. Microsoft Windows software is available for word processing, statistics, spreadsheets and database management. A variety of graphics and website-creation software programs are also available.