“The meaning of life is to find your Gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Principal Dear Parent,
Warm greetings to you,and welcome to our school.

A much-nurtured seed grew into a sapling and blossomed into a lofty tree, when a total of six tots in the year 2007 became the genesis of what Maple Bear Canadian School and Adroit Progressive School APS are today.

Over three decades of my journey as an academician and travel around the world, I realised that the social structures of our society have created a very complicated survival process, where everyone is fighting for a limited number of jobs and opportunities. A child's ability to look at life with inquisitiveness, freshness and involvement was slowly disappearing. It is the duty and responsibility of our educational systems to bring that back. And this could never happen unless we combined traditions with innovation in our education system.

Education can never be a profession - it must be a passion. In a child's process of education, it is very important that she does not lose her joyfulness, naturalness and her ability to be able to take healthy risks without any fear of consequence.

At Maple Bear and APS we strive to create the necessary platforms, where education is not about memorizing or giving the child enough information, but it is about making the child's mind capable to question, to critically think, and become capable of relating their learning with real life - in its full depth and dimension.

We reinforce and build these positive attitudes by offering varied stimulating and enjoyable experiences. As you go through this prospectus, you will learn about the story of Maple Bear and APS - about what we do and more important than that why and how we do it.

We encourage prospective families to meet our counsellors and discuss further. Thank you for considering Maple Bear and APS as the school you would like your child to be in.

Come discoverwhy Maple Bear and APS are what you always hoped a school would be !

With warmest regards,

Harinder S Juneja

Founder & Director