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About The School

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Adroit Progressive School

When the children are well-groomed and ready for take-off, Adroit Progressive School provides them with lofty wings. Much ardently led and organised, the school begins from Grade I and extends up to Grade VIII.

Contemporary methodologies (following a blend of Indian traditional methods and international patterns) are followed, with the prime focus on developing ‘Languages’ and ‘Math’ skills.‘Science’ and ‘Social Studies’ are made more interesting by the use of teaching aids such as finger-sensitive interactive boards and by well researched child-centred content. Method of evaluation is on the basis of observation and regular timed checks, to challenge and support them, to recognise the latent potential and also any under-achievement. (quick intervention in case of the latter)

We understand that each child, is an individual, and hence we highly welcome and respect idiosyncrasies. All children are effortfully encouraged to express their ideas, opinions and feelings without fear, hence preparing ground, for them to rise as adept individuals, boldly facing challenges and competition.

Cliched as it may sound, in juxtaposition with books, the ‘practical’, ‘beyond books’ education works best with us. Whether it is a simple visit to the grocery store to fathom monetary exchange or a visit to the old age home to rekindle warmth; with the children at Adroit, concepts are ‘earned’, not ‘learned’.

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