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When the children are well-groomed and ready for take-off, Adroit Progressive School provides them with lofty wings. Much ardently led and organised, the school begins from Grade I and extends up to Grade VIII.

We understand that each child, is an individual, and hence we highly welcome and respect idiosyncrasies.

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Our School Programme

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Adroit Progressive School

Founded in the year 2007, the school unfurled its first feathers under the enabling guidance of Mr. Harinder S. Juneja and Mrs. Rajni S. Juneja. Both are highly qualified, well-travelled, and have over 20 years of experience in education, counselling and skill development.

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MapleBear Canadian Pre-School

When children join school at the Toddlers level, their range of fine motor and gross motor skills increases and they begin to progress to a higher cognitive level. Learning with entire bodies, Toddlers move about constantly, touching everything, experiencing all things

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Facilities at Our School

At our school, children are in a secure environment that they know and love, which makes learning more effective and fun. Our programs are comprehensive and skill-based and our activities are tailored to meet your child's individual needs.

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Classroom and Beyond

Our 'classroom' epitomizes a condensed world that abridges concepts, values and ideas. It is a cocoon, nurturing the children for a flight into the firmament of their dreams, goals and aspirations.

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Games & Sports

The activities are never limited to the children who excel in it, but we ensure each child’s active participation. We understand and encourage the growth and upliftment of "Mind-Body-Soul" which we conceive as ONE entity.

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There is a Central Library having substantial collection of text books, periodicals, reference books and audio-visual gadgets. Students and teachers have free access to these resources for their academic pursuit.

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Specific bus routes are determined at the beginning of each term. The school reserves the right to change bus routes. Parents are informed about the bus routes at the time of admission

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Inter House Music and Dance Competition 2024

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Inter House Music and Dance Competition 2023

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What Parents Say

In a short span of a few months, I see my son more confident and keep to learn new things which are reflected in the knowledge base he has been able to acquire in Maple Bear. I find teachers ( especially ma’am Meenakshi) very conscientious, having a way with tiny tots and imparting good values and discipline in a fun way. We didn’t want a school which educates our child, and Maple Bear is precisely what we had been looking for. We could not be more thankful that we have had you in our lives. We are very well aware of the teacher’s efforts put into each child during teaching-learning sessions.

Varsha Tayal


Maple Bear is an awesome educational institution where your kid will be able to lean more, groom more and will come out of their comfort zone and will be able to explore more. Staff in this school is very cooperative. They help the child in every extent. Thank you so much to the lovely faculty and organization.

Divya Choudhry


It takes a lot in today’s era to find the right school for your toddler. My Search started with a list of things to be taken care of by the school towards the first step of their academic life. I am so grateful and elated with Maple Bear School and their entire team of administration & teachers to have not just checked all boxes on my list but exceeded my expectations in the domain of child activity & engagement. They have made it a happy place for my son.

Brahmleen Kaur


I am happy with the school teachers and staff. They are responsive in all fields and no doubt definitely you will see a lot of improvement in your kids day by day.

Shivani Birla


Great school for my daughter. Preschool teachers are friendly and caring. The curriculum is not very rigorous as compared to a few other schools in town and I personally appreciate this as my child doesn’t feel overburdened. Dedicated teachers and responsive administration. I would definitely recommend it.

Alka Gusain


Maple Bear is an extraordinary school. The teachers here are amazing and every child is treated with care. The virtual platform which the school is following since March 2020 has been a great success. Online real-time classes have definitely helped my daughter and have made learning fun  for her through activity-based learning. Thank u them Maple Bear.

Geeta Kapoor


Outstanding preschool. My son loves it and started showing his curiosity for the next activity given  by the school. The teachers are amazing. I must say they treat every student in the best way. Must Enrol your kid.

Kavita Negi


I am glad that I chose Maple Bear and absolutely love how the teachers and the entire team are so responsive. The way they use practical teaching methods, activities and sessions are so involving and engrossing for my kid. It has helped my little one help develop her linguistic skills to great level. Also how flexible the activities are owing to the understanding of respective children makes me satisfied with this school and so happy that I chose this! My baby looks forward to meeting her teacher and her friends every morning . A big thank you to the entire team of Maple Bear for spreading joy in my child s life

Misha Bagga


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At Adroit Progressive School (APS) we strive to create the necessary platforms, where education is not about memorizing or giving the child enough information, but it is about making the child's mind capable to question, to critically think, and become capable of relating their learning with real life - in its full depth and dimension

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