The best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but don't tell you what to see

One of the key benefits of the Maple Bear & APS progressive education system is not only our agile responsiveness to the training needs of our teachers, but also our desire to support the well-being of the whole child.

In recent years, much more has come to light about how children learn. Just as no one would want to trust their health care to a physician who has not kept up their knowledge of the latest medical breakthroughs and treatments, families want their children to be taught in the most proven and research-confirmed ways.

Our teachers regularly update their knowledge their skills through training by Canadian master trainers, curriculum writers and education administrators in the latest pedagogies and instructional strategies.

Academic audits are conducted to evaluate the teaching and achievement of expected goals.


We have a family of well-qualified, highly experienced, active, agile, responsible and reliable teachers. The teachers have profound credentials, such as:

  • The vital teaching qualifications
  • A natural inclination towards the care and well-being of children
  • Learnt the art of generating inquisitiveness
  • Possess the power of -
    1. Igniting minds
    2. Acknowledging and encouraging difference of opinion and critical thinking
    3. Harbouring immense love and an innate desire of seeing their pupils rise and shine

Every year the Maple Bear Global Schools team of educators visit various Maple Bear locations around the world as trainers to help teachers deliver the program, and as Quality Assurance evaluators to ensure that schools are meeting standards.