Director's Message

Dear Prospective Family,

Thank you for your interest in Maple Bear TM – Adroit Progressive School. We are an innovative learning community dedicated to infusing joy, curiosity, and meaning into learning for pre-primary, elementary and middle school students.

The curriculum is ever evolving and has a progressive outlook with an intellectual rigour, where a sound foundation of critical thinking and articulating is laid in an environment that encourages curiosity and discovery and all this happens as children have fun.

Our students come from families who seek a school community where their children’s intellectual strengths and interests will be challenged while their social and emotional growth is supported.

Our teachers value a variety of personalities and learning styles. We believe in small class sizes and more intimate educational experiences for our students. We believe that we are best able to serve the students of our school through a unique approach that values conceptual clarity, strong communication skills, creativity and project-based learning for a range of enthusiastic, capable and interested learners.

Our students are motivated by an innate curiosity and excitement for learning. They seek the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and make a difference in the lives of others.

Our admissions selection process focuses on admitting students and families who benefit from and contribute to our distinctive approach to teaching and learning.

We would love to connect with your family!

Best wishes,
Harinder S Juneja
Founder & Director