Co-Curricular Activities

Art & Craft

The limitless imagination of creative minds finds artistic expression in the Art class room. It is important to evaluate that how students connect with their environment. It is the place where artistic flair of creative minds is discovered and refined by expert hands. After the grilling classroom sessions, students are given chance to give form to their imagination and are introduced to various Art forms and styles as the aesthetic aptitude is fine tuned and given direction. Our Art faculty is equipped to unleash hidden talent and guiding them through various techniques.


An ideal way of channelizing the vibrant energy amongst the youth is dance, it is something over and above the pleasure of senses. The dance studio gives a common platform to the students to express themselves and at the same time learn different type of dance forms be it Indian classical dance or the foot tapping western contemporary dance.

We believe that all forms of dancing should be included to the curriculum and for this, a spacious dance studio is set up to allow the teachers and the students to choreograph their work for stage performances and competitions.


Music is a place in the entire World where there are no set boundaries. It is an expression by itself and gives a chance for students to live in their own world for some time and discover themselves. Music is a true demonstration of our culture and traditions. "Music" is a subject that is available at every level.

The different streams where training is imparted are

  1. Indian Instrumental Music
  2. Indian Classical Music
  3. Western Instrumental Music
  4. Western Vocal

Pottery classes are designed to introduce students to the world of art where students explore a different theme using various clay mediums. At these studios, students embrace unique ideas and hone a new form of artistic level. The studio is equipped with everything aspiring potters need, like kilns, kick wheels, clay and glazes among other necessities.