Classroom & Beyond

Our ‘classroom’ epitomizes a condensed world that abridges concepts, values and ideas. It is a cocoon, nurturing the children for a flight into the firmament of their dreams, goals and aspirations.

» Each Pre-School classroom has the given features.

Serenity and greenery abound the surroundings of both the branches of school. The elementary school classes inspire the students - with spaces that are light, airy, and filled with examples of work that they aspire to do. Some classes are set in a traditional way, while when teachers and students choose, they might take a class set up outside or within an atrium. The classrooms are set up based on what is necessary to meet the learning objectives. The school is interspersed with beautiful spaces that make the students feel good to be at school - with art and greenery at many places around the campus.

With these elements in shape, it is no longer the conventional classroom for teacher-student parlance; it rather becomes a Theme Park where children experience wonder. It becomes a place where definitions are not ‘given’, rather ‘arrived at’ by the students through observation and analysis.