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An Ideal School Recipe - Adroit Progressive School

Education is a key feature of life, no matter what age, gender, place, or you belong to. We are learning things from the beginning and still learning. Kirk Douglas once said - “The learning process continues until the day you die”. For a child, learning lessons is important to grow as a responsible citizen, and a school is the first place where it all starts for your child.

A grown-up child needs proper guidance from the beginning; schools are not only for learning some lessons from books, it also enhances your way of thinking. A school educates a child with proper development.


Adroit Progressive School provides them with lofty wings when the children are well-groomed and ready for take-off. So much ardently led and organised from Grade I and extended up to Grade VIII. The aim is to build your child's proud personality, who will be dedicated to the service of the nation, and make it more proud.

In Adroit School, we are more practical than ordinary book-based learners. Whether it is a simple visit to the grocery store to fathom monetary exchange or a visit to the old age home. To rekindle warmth with the children at Adroit, concepts are 'earned', not 'learned'.

At Adroit Progressive School, your child will become-

  • More confident and expressive.
  • Creative mindset, to think more dynamically.
  • Enhancing personal skills and way of performing.
  • Better understanding of one's own talent.
  • Education with self-development lifestyle.
  • Curious about more knowledge and analysis.
  • More into practical rather than basic learning.
  • Concept clearance education style.
  • Individual focus for each child.

We understand that each child is good and special on its own. You need to have a proper way to improve it in the right direction. And hence we highly welcome and respect idiosyncrasies. All children are encouraged to express their ideas, opinions, and feelings without fear, hence preparing the ground for them to rise as an adept individual, boldly facing challenges and competition, so that children can speak their ideas and views with full confidence and without any hesitation.

Adroit Progressive School: We are an innovative learning community dedicated to infusing joy, curiosity, and meaning into learning for elementary and middle school students.

The curriculum is ever-evolving and has a progressive outlook with intellectual rigour. A sound foundation of critical thinking and articulating is laid in an environment that encourages curiosity and discovery. All this happens as children have fun.

Our students come from different families looking for a school community where they will challenge their children's intellectual strengths and interests. Yet, their social and emotional growth is supported at the same time.

Our well-experienced teachers value a variety of personalities and dynamic learning styles. We believe in small class sizes and more intimate educational experiences for our students. We believe that we are best able to serve the students of our school through a unique approach that values conceptual clarity, strong communication skills, creativity, and project-based learning for a range of enthusiastic, capable, and interested learners.